"You won’t understand until you taste it ..."

“… this is what I tell my kids” – Robert De Niro.
Traditional Italian food and drinks are presented in a modern and unusual way. Do you want to plan your trip to the world of Italian gastronomy? Come to the restaurant Brucciato.

Our restaurant team

Mediterranean cuisine is distinguished by its simplicity of ingredients and many variations of their preparation. So, the team of our restaurant find a combination that allows you to convey the original taste of the best Italian dishes, create a unique look for them, and reflect the idea of our restaurant.

As is typical for Italian menus, Brucciato has a wide range of cold and hot appetizers, first and second courses, as well as popular Italian desserts, prepared in a special way by our chef.


Potato espuma, bell peper sause, tomato

15.50 €

Beef carpaccio

With parmigiano reggiano cheese

15.00 €

Risotto with mushrooms

16.00 €

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